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Bitcoin Mixer Service [ANN]

CryptoMixerbtc.io was developed from scratch with feedback from the Bitcoin community. We are committed to earning trust and go to great lengths to safeguard our integrity. For every transaction, we issue a “Letter of Guarantee”. Our customer support is available 24/7 to assist you. Our goal is to enhance the safety and anonymity of transactions while promoting privacy in online dealings.

Why should I anonymize my coins?

Warrant Canary

We affirm our total control over our infrastructure, which remains uncompromised and secure against breaches. We haven't revealed any user data, nor have we been coerced into altering our system for unauthorized access or data leaks to any third party.

As of we claimed next points

  • We have NOT been served any National Security letters;
  • We have NOT been subjected to any gag orders;
  • We have NOT been issued any warrants by any governmental entity.

We are carrying out zero-log politics. It means following: we never record the actions of our customers, in case to make sure, that they would have total safety and security.

Retain the capital obscure using - Bitcoin mixer

Given the burgeoning digital landscape, numerous individuals have shifted towards Blockchain technology, altering the way we transact and pay for goods. Unsurprisingly, this innovation has also transformed aspects of privacy. A notable feature of Blockchain is its public ledger, which records every transaction for anyone to inspect if needed. For those desiring a greater level of secrecy, consider using a cryptocurrency mixer.

What is a Cryptocurrency Mixer? Essentially, it's a service designed to obfuscate your online financial activities from others. As the name suggests, CryptoMixer operates by blending your digital currency with others in a designated reserve, facilitating a discrete exchange. This process ensures your Bitcoin activity remains untraceable, enhancing the security of your assets.

Having introduced the key benefits of CryptoMixer, and addressing common queries, you're now equipped to employ this tool. It's also pertinent to share some intriguing and essential facts about Bitcoin itself, especially for those engaging with this cryptocurrency.

The most interesting and valuable information for you is here!

The inaugural Bitcoin transaction took place on January 21, 2009.

A maximum of 21 million Bitcoin will be issued, with their release slowing over time due to the increasing complexity of the mining process. It's projected that the final bitcoin will be mined in 2140.

It is still unknown who created Bitcoin. We know only one name - Satoshi Nakamoto - but no one knows, whether it is just a one person or a group of programmers. And till this day, the creator of Bitcoin remains anonymous.

Bitcoin inception aimed to decentralize financial transactions, minimizing state intervention. In simpler terms, it was designed to facilitate free and swift monetary exchanges..

More than half of the Bitcoin already mined today are owned by 1000 people. This means, that making money on Bitcoin is a real thing!

So why it is better to choose our mixer of Bitcoin?

The main feature of the CryptoMixer - we accounted all demands of the users of Bitcoin! We took into account each customers secrecy and also safety, such features are the main points of the blending maintenance and what’s more, we are interested in transforming each possibility to the benefit of the customers. Therefore, we tried to make everything, to add all described characteristics to the Bitcoin mixer:CryptoMixer prioritizes the privacy and security needs of Bitcoin users. We've tailored our service to enhance user confidentiality and protect their transactions, ensuring our mixer incorporates these critical features:Only a third half of the coins, that was mined is actively involved in the turnover. The rest are inactive. Experts from this sphere think that most inactive Bitcoin are simply lost or forgotten by their users. Do not forget, that if the password for the Bitcoin wallet is lost, then it would impossible to recover it, this is how the system works.

Really high degree of defense

Interestingly, only a fraction of mined Bitcoin are actively circulated, with the remainder being dormant. Many believe these inactive Bitcoin are either lost or forgotten. It's crucial to remember that once a Bitcoin wallet's password is lost, it cannot be retrieved, a testament to the system's design.

The highest bitcoin exchange rate nowadays is $ 20,042. This was in December 2017. Then there was a severe drop in the coding of the coins.

Outstanding facilities for mixing

No matter how much Bitcoin you want to mix, the best place to do it – our server. We keep more than 2000 Bitcoin in the store, that gives you a chance to mix your Bitcoin instantly, no need to wait for other customers!

The value of cryptocurrencies was growing step by step. But it became more expensive, than the ounce of gold in 2013.

Letter of Guarantee and small payments

CryptoMixer would help you not to overspend your money, because other blending companies ask you for 1% or more to make a transaction. The fee from the CryptoMixer begins from 0.5% and 0.0005 Bitcoin and also you would be able to give a third person observe the contact among the direction.

Maintain the anonymity of your assets with our trusted Bitcoin blending service

With the advent of digital technology, countless users have transitioned to Blockchain, believed to revolutionize payment methods and transaction processes. It's a groundbreaking technology offering anonymity. However, the Blockchain ledger records all transactions openly, making them potentially traceable by third parties. For those seeking higher secrecy, our coin blending service is the solution.

CryptoMixer is a service for mixing Bitcoin (also known as tumbling or blending) that focuses on permanently obscuring your digital assets from public view. It operates by blending your coins with others in our cryptocurrency pool, ensuring transactions remain private and untraceable. CryptoMixer secures your BTC transactions, ensuring that neither cyber-thieves nor security forces can monitor your financial movements.

Our Bitcoin anonymizer's unique advantages

CryptoMixer's foundation is built on understanding and meeting the Bitcoin community's needs. Your privacy and security are the cornerstones of our service, prompting us to leverage every decentralized opportunity for your benefit. We've incorporated several features into our Bitcoin mixer for optimal protection.

Maximum security measures

Our servers employ sophisticated encryption techniques to protect stored data and reduce Blockchain analysis risks. Each user receives a distinct code to avoid reconverging their coins with previously mixed ones. Moreover, we systematically erase all transaction records, including incoming Bitcoin addresses.

Whether you aim to blend 0.001 BTC or several hundred coins, our service offers unparalleled convenience. With over 2000 BTC in reserves, CryptoMixer facilitates the exchange of large BTC amounts without the need for waiting on other users' contributions.

Competitive fees and the Letter of Guarantee

Unlike other services charging 1% or more per transaction, CryptoMixer ensures cost-efficiency. Our fees are as low as 0.5% + 0.0005 BTC, tailored to prevent any third-party from detecting address linkages.


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Up to 5 output addresses
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Up to 5 output addresses
* Plan is valid till Jan 31, 2023
​Fast payouts confirmation
Up to 96 hours of configurable delays
Up to 10 output addresses

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best bitcoin tumbler