What is the duration of the blending process?

Given our substantial reserve, exceeding 1.2 million dollars presently, there's no delay awaiting others to contribute their currency for blending. Typically, the process is immediate, sending the currency back once yours is received. It's advised to include a sufficient network fee with your transaction to prevent any delay caused by insufficient miner rewards. Moreover, to hinder third parties from tracking transaction fee patterns, we allow a delay option for each recipient address to enhance privacy in receiving btc.

How many verifications are necessary for transaction acceptance?

The requisite number of verifications varies with the transaction size:

  • Below 2.5 BTC - 1 verification;
  • Below 25 BTC - 3 verifications;
  • Below 100 BTC - 4 verifications;
  • Above 100 BTC - 5 verifications.

What occurs if the browser is closed before confirmation is received?

Worry not. Remaining on the page isn't necessary after receiving the deposit address. Transactions are processed automatically within a 24-hour sequence.

Validity period for the deposit address?

The generated deposit address remains valid for approximately 24 hours, after which all data is erased. Subsequent payments to these addresses are disregarded.

What kind of logs are retained?

No logs are kept in any form. Identifiable user information is neither stored nor preserved. All logs are regularly purged to enhance both organizational efficiency and user privacy.

What's the limit for transaction amounts?

The maximum transferable amount is contingent on both the Bitcoin reserve of our service and the total currency within the system. In safeguarding your anonymity, coins you've sent to our reserve are excluded from being sent back. The system excludes your coins when dispatching mixed coins to you. Any limitations on the amount you can send will be communicated during the ordering process.

Is there a minimum transaction threshold?

Our operations do not support transactions below .001 BTC, which are considered as contributions to our system.

Is it safe to entrust you with substantial BTC amounts?

Possessing over 200 BTC ourselves is a testament to our commitment. Our reserves are verified publicly on BitcoinTalk (1, 2, 3). Our profit comes from sustaining operations, not absconding with your currency. For those apprehensive about sending large sums, distributing the amount over several transactions over time is an option. Our mixing algorithm ensures your coins are never recombined with your own, guaranteeing security, transparency, and anonymity.

What exactly is a CryptoMixer code?

Upon your first transaction with us, a unique code is provided. This code prevents your future transactions from being blended with previously sent coins, playing a crucial role in maintaining your privacy and security.

What does a Letter of Guarantee entail?

When we furnish a Bitcoin address for your mixing transaction, a digitally signed assurance is also provided to confirm the address's authenticity, generated by our server. This assurance aids in validating the transaction's legitimacy, ensuring coins are directed correctly. For added user trust, this assurance is signed from our Bitcoin account 1CrypMixXWtTjYGCM5ZJmyQYP1Y39P7aLM, allowing verification through your wallet. This is a critical proof of our commitment, with users advised to save it prior to sending coins, as it remains the sole evidence of our interaction post-data deletion.

How to authenticate the Letter of Guarantee?

  1. Access your Bitcoin Wallet.
  2. Opt for File
  3. Choose Verify Message (or select Tools ->Verify Message)
  4. Input our address: 15HNSwqteHQnKGDngDq1XG4oiBwrRr81rr, Letter of Guarantee, and digital signature
  5. Click on Verify

Why set a custom fee?

Setting a custom fee is crucial for maintaining privacy and security. If your transaction fee is known, it becomes possible for someone to trace your transactions through the public Blockchain ledger, identifying when and to whom your transactions are made. For instance, sending 100 Btc with a specific fee structure could result in a predictable transaction outcome, making it easier for someone to follow your transaction patterns, thereby compromising your privacy despite using multiple addresses.


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